Friday, June 27, 2008

On vacation in Georgia

Seen in or around Atlanta, GA:

JOY2SNG - Someone in Georgia likes to belt it out.

AURATIO - Sounds like Horatio to me - or an aura? I don't know.

SMADSN - No idea what this is supposed to mean.

YLAYUP - Play up?

RD2 - Clearly someone who likes to ride bicycles.

FREEDOM - Georgia doesn't require front plates so people have fake plates on the front. This is one of them.

ALASKA - Another fake front plate.

ESR - Sports reference?

KENYA 92 - Someone went to Kenya in 1992? Or came to the US from Kenya in 1992?

RUSH 2 - Where are you rushing to? Or did you like Rush Hour 2?

YAMUNA 2 - Your money too?

WYNTER7 - Seventh winter of your life?

SCHMIDY - Going for Schmitty, maybe?

Friday, June 20, 2008

How old is your car?

I saw these at a car fair recently. I was at the supermarket and didn't have time to walk through the whole fair (thus the chain link fence in the way) but if I'm back there this summer and something similar is going on, I'll definitely stop and get better pictures.



1960 NY

6400 AGE - This one wasn't from the show, and may be a perfectly normal plate in Georgia, but it amused me, and it sort of fits with the age theme.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Father's Day



1 DAD - solo or #1?

TD DAD - Clearly a football fan.

X DAD X - kisses, or he's lost? :)