Sunday, August 10, 2008

No photo, unfortunately, but I had a report of a Chevy Blazer with the plate 1HOT1 and a bumper sticker that said Virginia Firefighter. That's a wonderful car for a firefighter to drive!

Friday, August 8, 2008

It's WorldCon

WorldCon is being held in Denver this year. Here are the geeky plates I've seen:

BOBA FET - The meaning comes through clearly.

FIAWOL - Fandom is a way of life.

FILK (New Hampshire) - SF/F music

FILK (Virginia) - Not just listened to in NH

VAMPIRE - Frankly, I'm not sure blatant advertising is a good way to avoid getting staked...

Friday, August 1, 2008

Who are you related to?

EDITHMOM - Did Edith push you to get the plate?

AUNTSO - Sophie? Or Aunt So What?

UNCLPETE - Guess you've got siblings then.

UNCLELEO - Wonder if you're related to PETE?

AUNTEEM - Auntie EM - if this is your real name, I'm sorry, but I can't hear this name without thinking about the Wizard of Oz.

Friday, July 25, 2008

I bought this car ....

4 PHIL - He's a lucky guy.

If you check out the larger picture, you'll see:



4MAGGIO2 - Maggio's a lucky duck.

4MIBOYZ - And they're grateful, I hope!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Random names and initals

It's that time again...time for the "My ego is so small I had to put my name on my car" game:

AMYNGRLS - D'you suppose the girls are her kids, her relatives, or random females she knows?

AMYNMIKE - Hope the relationship lasts, guys!

BOBKAT 4 - The cynical part of me wonders if this is the fourth marriage.

BRITANI - I bet she draws a heart over the final I.

This guy's got it bad:

AMIR 1 - In case you missed the plate and the decals, this guy's name is AMIR.

I only made it from A-C today! Names on plates: a popular category.

Friday, July 11, 2008

More photos from my trip

RAMZ&I - I'm betting Ramz is a dog's name.

TILL - Your name, or are you looking for one to steal from?

TR BLU - True blue? But a bad speller?

VRNON37 - Where are your other 36 trucks?

VS SA - I have no idea.

IM USA - But since you've got the plate, none of the rest of us can be!

MEOW44 - Another pet lover. Why 44 meows?

NAKOSY - No idea again. A name?

ONEOIL - This was on a firefighter's truck. He asked me why I was photographing it, so I told him. He was about to change plates, though, so he's probably got something new by now.

OSHUNS - I like the tagline "Keep the lights shining". But again with the spelling issues, guys. And wouldn't this be hysterical if it was on the plate for a landlocked state?

Friday, July 4, 2008

Still on vacation, now in DC/Virginia

FN4SUN - Frankly, I'd expect to see this on a Florida plate.

MY2TRS - My tutors?

IAM4GVN - I am forgiven for buying a bug? But they're cute!

ALOHA VA - Either entering or leaving the state.

1PENFAN - So why aren't you living in PA?

CAT PSSR - I really, really don't want to guess.....

CELT BUG - If it's Celtic, shouldn't it be green?

GAZPACH - ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

HALCYON - either a kingfisher, or a peaceful, golden age. I sure hope it's the kingfisher meaning, cuz I'd have to disagree with the other!

[HEART] LOBSTR - Apparently you do!

Friday, June 27, 2008

On vacation in Georgia

Seen in or around Atlanta, GA:

JOY2SNG - Someone in Georgia likes to belt it out.

AURATIO - Sounds like Horatio to me - or an aura? I don't know.

SMADSN - No idea what this is supposed to mean.

YLAYUP - Play up?

RD2 - Clearly someone who likes to ride bicycles.

FREEDOM - Georgia doesn't require front plates so people have fake plates on the front. This is one of them.

ALASKA - Another fake front plate.

ESR - Sports reference?

KENYA 92 - Someone went to Kenya in 1992? Or came to the US from Kenya in 1992?

RUSH 2 - Where are you rushing to? Or did you like Rush Hour 2?

YAMUNA 2 - Your money too?

WYNTER7 - Seventh winter of your life?

SCHMIDY - Going for Schmitty, maybe?